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At our studio, we aspire to fulfill the corporate/organization image of our clients by creating a strong online representation and identity through compelling and intuitive graphic design. A web site is always created with the following aspects in mind: appropriate graphics, intuitive interface design, and well-organized information structures.

jdw Web Design offers the following web related services:

  • Site design
  • Site redesign and optimization
  • Site consultation
  • Site maintenance
  • Domain name registration
  • Advance site facilities design (search function, interactive forms)
  • Search engines/directories submission
  • Graphic and icon design
  • Banner design
  • Interface design
  • Graphic optimization
  • Digital photography and scanning
  • Image manipulation
  • Training

How we do it?

To ensure the high quality of the final product we have come up with the following web development process:

STEP 1: Concept Development
Both our studio and the customer, decide on the most important aspects of the project such as site purpose, site content, and the fulfillment of the company's or organization's image through graphic design.

STEP 2: Information Structure Development
Now it is decided how the content of the site should be organized into appropriate sections and what advanced structures should supplement the site (for example, search function, interactive forms).

STEP 3: Site Creation
The actual web site is created.

STEP 4: Site Beta Testing
The site is scrupulously tested in our studio on different browsers and screen resolutions. All scripts and HTML is tested and debugged to ensure compliance with the existing standards. Finally, the site is made accessible to our customer for user testing.

STEP 5: Site Launch
In this step the site is officially launched on the Internet and once again thoroughly tested.

STEP 6: Site Promotion
The site is submitted to search engines and directories. If necessary our studio will provide additional marketing solutions for further site promotion.

STEP 7: Site Maintenance
Here we decide on proper maintenance strategy based on clients' needs and statistical analysis of the site. Maintaining the site is important to ensure that the information on the site is correct and up-to-date.

Our final goal is to provide not only easy to use and functional web site but also the best and individual service to our customers.

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