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To make a relative , or an internal link, you first have to have another page to link to. We'll link to table.html.

Now, lets create a link.

feetSteps to Success

  1. Open index.html in Notepad
  2. Type <p> just after the last item in your list and press the Enter key to move the cursor to the next line.
  3. Type in following HTML (or copy and paste) after your last entry but before the closing body tag </body>
    <p><a href="table.html">See my table web page</a></p>
  4. Save and preview in the browser to see the hyperlink you have just inserted.

The opening tag <a href=" "> marks the beginning of a hypertext reference, which indicates a link to connect to another object (text, image, and so on). The link can be internal (within the same document) or external (to another Web page or server in cyberspace).

The quotation marks (" ") enclose the address of the object or URL being linked to. The text between the opening and closing tags is what will show, usually blue and underlined, on the Web page as the link. When the users click that link text, they will open and view the linked item. The familiar pointing hand icon will appear when users move the mouse over a hyperlink. The closing tag for the hyperlink is </a>.

See my table web page” will appear as an underlined link at the bottom of your web page.
Check to see if the link works.

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